General Sentiment Inc
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General Sentiment is a partnership of New York based serial technology entrepreneurs and Stony Brook University. The team's prior entrepreneurial success stories include Fatwire, Karma411, Indavest, Vyoma Media, and GKVale. The founding team consists of Mark Fasciano, Greg Artzt, John Murcott, and Professor Steve Skiena, the original architect of Stony Brook's Textmap technology. General Sentiment enables its customers to (1) SCOUR DATA - news, blogs and other social media; to track conversations regarding their brands, products and competitors (2) MEASURE SENTIMENT Measure the overall sentiment and use a dashboard to illustrate the tone and trends of what people are saying (3) MAKE ACTIONABLE Make this information actionable with an exclusive engaged network of Industry Influencers.

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Identifying and Interpreting Trends through News/Blog Analysis