CellASIC Corporation
Business Identifier: The CellASIC ONIX Microfluidic Platform is able to measure cell responses to pre-programmed perfusion, temperature, and gas environment changes, all while automated for live cell imaging, giving you the control you need to discover new science.
Public Profile:
CellASIC is dedicated to advancing biomedical research by developing microfluidic platforms for cell and tissue based applications. CellASIC was formed based on the realization that a new generation of tools is necessary to foster the next breakthrough in the biomedical revolution. Specifically, the firm has technology to enable the precise control and large scale analysis of the basic unit of life-- a living cell. Though advances have been made in molecular biology to allow individual genes, protein binding sites, and chemical/biological structures to be identified and targeted, a major technological challenge remains to investigate how the complex interactions of these individual components result in clinically relevant behaviors. CellASIC addresses this bottleneck by providing precise microfabricated environments to improve the functionality of cell-based experimentation.

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Microfluidic Liver Array For Drug Metabolite Profiling
Microfluidic Liver Array For Long Term In Vitro Hepatocyte Culture And Screening
Microfluidic Platform for Cancer Cell Culture and Analysis
Microfluidic Bioreactor for High Throughput Hepatotoxicity Screening
Microfluidic Cell Culture Array for Predictive Toxicity Screening