T3 Scientific LLC
Business Identifier: developing energy-efficient and environmental-friendly technologies for industrial separation processes and power generation
Public Profile:
T3 Scientific develops separation technology, as well as disruptive innovations, for the membrane industry to enable cost effective solutions with minimum environmental impact. The company specializes in using common starting materials combined with novel deposition processes to create nanomaterial/nano‐engineered membranes and coatings for critical industrial and environmental separations. The technology is ideal for a wide range of applications including: carbon dioxide capture, hydrogen separation, clean water and energy. T3 Scientific’s energy efficient membrane based technology obtained ten federal grants in the following areas: Carbon dioxide capture; Hydrogen purification; Water purification. The firm has a long and successful history in developing novel materials to meet challenging needs. The firm patented a membrane technology that was reported as “one of the major breakthroughs in the membrane research community” (Euromembrane 1999). The firm was able to develop a customized material recovery system that slashed 40% of the cost, with over $1 million potential annual saving to their customer and helping them realize their waste reduction goal.

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 Most Recent SBIR Projects
Year Phase Agency Dollars Project Title
Forward Osmosis Water Purification Membranes for Small Operations
High Surface Area-to-Volume Ultrathin Dense Membrane for Hydrogen Separation
Sub-10 nm protective coating on high-temperature hydrogen purification membrane
Sulfur-Resistant, Ultrathin Dense Membrane for Production of High Purity Hydrogen
Novel Foul-Resistant Nano-Pervaporation Membrane for Medical Grade Water Generation