CPSI Biotech
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CPSI Biotech is a research and technology development company focusing primarily in the areas of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Technologies developed by CPSI Biotech are typically transferred to partner groups via a license agreement for introduction and application in the marketplace. The focus is relatively straightforward; perform the bench work necessary for development of cutting edge technologies to address current medical and basic research needs, as well as exploring newly developing areas. While the natural evolution and growth of the healthcare industry will continue to shape the corporate focus and approach for marketing and technology, we will always maintain a strong foundation in the research and development of engineering and life sciences, focusing on translational research so as to reduce the time from lab bench to marketplace.. CPSI Biotech has brought together an experienced team of scientists and engineers from the fields of cell and molecular biology, cancer biology, cryobiology and bioengineering. This multi-disciplinary team specializes in investigating cell stress responses and technology design and development for the improvement of medical devices and biotechnology products. CPSI strives to be a valued member of our community, via educational outreach and bringing cutting-edge technology to the public knowledge base. CPSI's investigative approaches are based on a novel molecular biology strategy designed to dissect the stress pathways activated in cells and tissues exposed to stressful environments and utilize this information as the foundation for new technologies, processes and protocols. CPSI Biotech scientists are also active in the development of new technologies and compounds for the treatment of cardiovascular arrhythmias and cancer. While similar to the way in which other research institutes and scientific "think tank" organizations operate today, our approach is unique and can be defined and characterized by our understanding of basic and applied scientific research, placing a premium on the translation of these projects to the marketplace in an accelerated fashion.

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