Deltagen Proteomics Inc (Arcaris Inc) DPI
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Formerly known as Arcaris, in July 2001 Deltagen acquired Arcaris a definitive merger agreement under which , adding a new technology platform to Deltagen's existing high-throughput efforts to identify and validate the genomic "druggable universe,'' the small molecule targets relevant to small molecule drug screening. After the acquisition, the new wholly owned subsidiary operated out of former Arcaris' facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah, under the name Deltagen Proteomics, Inc (DPI). In September 2005, Deltagen and DPI filed with the Bankruptcy Court a Joint Plan of Reorganization of Deltagen, Inc., and Deltagen Proteomics, Inc. along with a Disclosure Statement . The purpose of the Disclosure Statement was to provide creditors of Deltagen and DPI with adequate information to make an informed judgment about the Reorganization Plan before voting on the Reorganization Plan. The Disclosure Statement included (among other things) a brief history of Deltagen and DPI, a summary of the Chapter 11 Case, a description of the claims of their creditors, a summary of the Reorganization Plan, a discussion of the Reorganization Plan's feasibility, and a liquidation analysis setting forth what claim holders would recover if Deltagen and DPI were instead to have been liquidated immediately under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. On November 15, 2005, the Bankruptcy Court entered its Order (1) Approving Disclosure Statement, and (2) Confirming Debtors' Joint Plan of Reorganization. The Effective Date of the Reorganization Plan was November 29, 2005.

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