Accurate Assessments
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Accurate Assessments is a division of Orion Healthcare Technology, Inc. aslo located in Omaha, NE, The firm's first automated Addiction Severity Index (ASI), Accurate Assessments has evolved into development of software solutions for the behavioral healthcare industry. The firm is focused to behavioral healthcare technology providing clinical software for the addictions and mental health fields. The company has expanded into the healthcare industry with Root Cause Analyst, a software product that guides the analysis of medical errors.Accurate Assessments’ products are currently found variety of settings: hospitals, private therapists’ offices, prisons, nonprofit and for-profit behavioral health agencies, substance abuse addiction treatment programs, university research centers, managed care organizations, probation offices, methadone clinics and more. Management remain committed to understanding and serving the needs of the behavioral healthcare market.

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Enhancing the ASI with Gambling & ADHD Domains