215 First Street Suite 7
Cambridge, MA 02142
 Synopsis: Business Condition
Year Founded 1980
Employment 103
Sector Healthcare
Industry Biotechnology
Sarepta Therapeutics
     Last modified on: 8/26/2013

Sarepta Therapeutics – formerly AVI BioPharma – remains focused on developing first-in-class, RNA-based therapeutics to improve and save the lives of people affected by serious and life-threatening rare and infectious diseases. The company's developmental stage program includes AVI-4658, which is in phase Ib stage of clinical trial for the treatment of duchenne muscular dystrophy. Its preclinical stage programs consist of AVI-6006 for the treatment of Dengue virus; and AVI- 7100 for the treatment of H1N1 influenza virus. AVI BioPharma's programs that are authorized to enter phase I studies include AVI-6002 for the treatment of Ebola virus; and AVI-6003 for the treatment of Marburg virus. It has strategic alliance with Charley's Fund, Inc.