Machflow Energy Inc
Business Identifier: advanced cooling systems
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Machflow Energy Inc. is a small startup company incubated on the campus of Clark University. The company has developed a cooling system refrigerant that is not flammable, will not cause short circuits, has no global warming potential, no effect on the ozone layer, and that is nontoxic. The technology results from the unique properties of rare gas mixtures. Other well-understood concepts, such as the Bernoulli Principle and micro-structured surfaces offer unique advantages that make rare gas cooling ideal for many markets. The initial patent for this technology has been granted in the US and Europe, four related patents have been granted in the US, and a rich pipeline of patents are pending. The Bernoulli heat exchanger, containing a Venturi array, scales down to very small sizes making it a perfect fit for a Central Processing Unit (CPU) chip. By placing a number of Venturi arrays in parallel, the system can be scaled up to any size. Blowers and heat exchangers are also scalable making the whole Machflow system a good fit for many types of cooling or thermal management

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Recovery Act - Development of a Novel Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Based on Bernoulli Effect, with Zero Direct Greenhouse Impact.