DeltaNu LLC
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In February 2007, DeltaNu LLC was acquired by Intevac, Inc. Delta Nu began in a business incubator at the University of Wyoming. The Wyoming Research Products Center, a joint UW-Wyoming Business Council program that offers an initial marketing assessment of technologies with the potential for commercialization, assisted the company. UW chemists developed the instrument that uses designer coatings on microscopic particles to detect and measure a variety of chemical substances. The agreement allows DeltaNu to market the new instrument, while UW, which has filed two patent applications on the process, will receive royalties from sales.

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Miniature Long-Range Stand-Off Imaging Raman System for Detection of Biological Materials
Rapid On-Site Cyanide Assay for Blood and Saliva Samples
Rapid and Reliable Detection of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
Detection of Multiple Chemical Warfare Agents
Highly Specific Nanoparticle Gas Sensors: HCN and SO2