Ingredion Incorporated (Ingredion) - formerly Corn Products International, Inc. - is a global ingredient solutions provider to the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous industrial sectors. The firms turns corn, tapioca, wheat, potatoes and other raw materials into a myriad of ingredients. Serving customers in more than 60 diverse markets in over 40 countries. through strategic acquisitions, organic growth, and innovative research and development, the firm is roviding unique product offerings to growing markets. Starches, sweeteners, texturants and nutritionals are used by customers to provide everything from sweetness, taste and texture to immune system support, fat replacement and adhesive strength. Ingredion make foods and beverages taste better, baby powders and cosmetics smooth to the touch, cereals and crackers crisper, breads brown evenly, IV solutions for patients in need, ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, and more.