Though their SBIR-STTR interests and forms of their engagement may be quite distinctly different, given the extent of important connectedness between them, it is useful to think of the players that are variously involved in the SBIR space as a Community.  With Awardees the common element, others which make up this community include
  • SBIR Awardees: Current, former and applicant
  • Participating Federal Agencies: Program Management personnel and others
  • State SBIR Support organizations
  • Tech Seekers: large and mid-sized firms
  • and the range of Professional Service Providers
In this part of the site the effort is
  To identify with some specificity those who make up each one of these groupings. How we are (probably uniquely) able to do that is discussed below
  • To varying degrees of detail, to permit those who are Site Registered -- No-Cost as well as Full System Users -- to Search and Sort within that grouping
  • AND - potentially very useful and maybe even game-changing - to provide the context, the tools and resources that support and build out on the notion of Community; to allow those having common interests across institutional lines as well a within any grouping, to find and to interact with each other. 
To access the assigned pages for each designated Community Player, simply click on relevant link on right side column of this page. 
      Each area includes:
  • Description of the particular group with indication of primary role they play in the SBIR space in that capacity
  • Provision to Registered Site Users of useful Search and Sort capabilities within that grouping along with interesting aggregate and analytical data -- much of which is not readily available elsewhere...if at all.
The SBIR-STTR world is replete with awards info and how-to data. Events Calendars - federal, state and others - are full: some providing participants valuable insight.
      What is missing are the means to support ongoing interaction between parties: useful, in-depth and timely. To that end, this site
  • Carries broad range of business-development related data: indication of SBIR-impact analysis
  • Provision of the tools to initiate and contribute into substantive discussions.
  • short business networking at its most effective & useful.

In the very earliest days after having achieved passage of the original SBIR enabling legislation in 1982, to maintain the integrity of the implementation of what was a highly controversial program effort, we began systematically to keep the SBIR record in a single database.  Intially focused primarly on following-the-money - which small firms in what state got how many dollars from which agency for what purpose - as database technologies and tools evolved and sources of information opened up,  just as systematically we expended the effort also
  • to track a range of related information about awardees
  • and, by extension, to compile considerable data and to make the connections to these other players who make up the SBIR Community.
This effort - and the powerful analytical systems it has made possible 
  • served well to support the political process of several Reauthorizations:  in 1986, in 1992, in 2000 and - though to a much lesser extent since the effort was far less about the facts - the most recent effort which continued relentlessly from 2008 through last year.
  • could be a very powerful and effective resource in setting the agenda to achieve the next Reauthorization in timely and appropriate manner well in advance of the September 30, 2017 end of the current SBIR enabling legislation. 
More recently, use of the systems has broadened pro-actively to support
  • making the right connections between those in Large and Mid-Sized firms with outreach responsibility to find appropriately skilled Partners from among the SBIR community.  Designated ASSETs, this is in fact the primary business of the Innovation Development Institute and has already enabled more than $250M of transactions to date
  • interested Agency personnel and State SBIR Support better to understand - and make use of -
    • the extent and form of SBIR involvement in other agencies of their current awardees
    • and more fully to profile the background and present business condition of the same
Using these data now to enable more effective draw-down of some of the SBIR value created by focusing on documenting the overall achievement of SBIR as a Community is the next logical next step.  Also making possible the development of what could be an interesting and potentially useful a social/business networking capability is a major bonus