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927 Carter Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30319
(678) 860-3725
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  Terence A (Terry) Walts - President/CEO
Transfusion and Transplantation Technologies Inc
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Transfusion & Transplantation Technologies (3Ti) is a pre-revenue stage in-vitro diagnostics company developing novel automated blood testing instrumentation and associated consumables and services for the pre-transfusion (immunohematology) market. The firm's initial product, the Aegis Blood Analyzer and System, is being designed to perform highly accurate, rapid and cost-effective blood grouping (ABO and Rh), red cell antibody screening/identification and certain donor/recipient cross-matching tests, all with walk-away automation

 Synopsis: Awardee Business Condition
Year Founded 2000 First SBIR Year 2001 Date of Last Award 2008
Employee Range 10-14 VC funded? No IP Holdings N/A
Revenue Range 1M-2.5M Private/Public Privately Held Exchange/Symbol N/A : N/A
 Most Recent SBIR Projects
Year Phase Agency Dollars Project Title
2007 2 NIH $746,325 Amotosalen PCT of Leukapheresis Units for GvHD Therapy
2006 1 NIH $99,510 Automated high-throughput detection of anti-HLA antibodies to prevent TRALI
2004 1 NIH $99,509 Rapid quantitation of residual WBCs in filtered blood
2003 2 NIH $1,855,836 Novel devices for rapid blood compatibility testing


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