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4001 North Fairfax Drive Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 738-6200
Set Associates Corporation
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SIn Jnuary 201, SET Assocites Corporation was acquired by SAIC. The Corporation had been founded by scientists from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to create and commercialize “smart” information technologies that help humans accomplish complex tasks. From video and radar systems that automatically detect human behaviors, to knowledge discovery systems that find meaningful patterns in vast quantities of seemingly unrelated data, our products make our society safer, better informed, and more productive. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, with offices in Dayton, OH, Denver, CO, and Greenbelt, MD, the firm serve a diverse base of defense, homeland security, and intelligence community clientele. SET specialize in urban sensing problems that require a combination of technical expertise and operational experience, yielding innovative prototypes that solve real world problems. Staff are advanced degree scientists and engineers focused on advancements in Lightweight Radars, Multisensor Signal Processing, Video Analytics, Knowledge Discovery, Cyber Security, and Information Visualization. Core technical competencies include sensor physics, mathematics, signal processing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. SET’s Engineering team specializes in designing and building innovative multi-sensor and information system solutions to highly challenging defense, intelligence, and security problems. SET’s Technology team builds, deploys, and supports products designed to automatically extract accurate and actionable information from raw sensor data, freeing human operators to focus on tasks they do best. CounterBomber® offers the first-ever system capable of automatically detecting humans carrying concealed explosive devices at distances greater than 100 meters. The Real-Time Aerial Video Exploitation Station (RAVES™), provide big-time video exploitation tools on a commercial PC for small-UAV operators. CompuView™ automatically measures crowd demographics from standard video feeds, producing actionable intelligence for retail businesses. SET-Stabilizer™ automatically produces stabilized video and mosaics from airborne video feeds in real time, dramatically improving the ability to detect, track and recognize objects on the ground. And SARScene™, originally developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, automatically detects regions of interest in synthetic aperture radar imagery.

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