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200 Westside Square Suite 320
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 562-0087
Polaris Sensor Technologies Inc
Profile last edited on: 11/25/2015
Business Identifier: Electro-optic and vision systems, polarimetric and multi-spectral sensors and detectors, stereo-vision systems, and flat-panel three dimensional displays.
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Polaris Sensor Technologies Inc supplies custom systems for visible, IR, and polarimetric sensing for military and commercial applications. The firm has expertise in the development and testing of advanced sensors, algorithms, acquisition, and testing for military applications, Infrared/thermal imaging and polarizers. Using a staff of specialists in the fields of polarimetry, optics, electro-optics and opto-mechanical design, the firm delivers novel solutions that meet stringent customer requirements, from developing sensors for the 21st Century warfighter, designing systems to keep pedestrians safe, formulating low temperature obscurants, detecting fires and measuring fuel additives. The firm has identified opportunities to rein in the full-wave nature of light, a capability not realized by today's current camera advances. Their solutions leverage the phase difference and not just the intensity of light to visualize the invisible. When commercial, off-the-shelf cameras can not reveal the required level of detail, the firm delivers systems that provide both traditional imagery as well as the additional details that are not normally detected.

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