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Plasmion Corporation
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Plasmion was formed in 2001 through the merger of SKION and Plasmion of Cambridge , MA. The firm is focused to Thin films - at the heart of devices in just about every corner of the advanced electronics market, from semiconductors and flat panel displays to hard disks and opto-electronics. Across each of these markets, device manufacturers need an economical way to produce films that are increasingly thinner, smoother and denser to keep pace with device performance goals. In this environment, innovation in thin films production is essential. Plasmion is an innovative thin-films enhancement company. Our proprietary subsystem components provide device makers and their sputtering equipment suppliers with a cost-effective, value-enhancing means of boosting the performance of thin-film manufacturing tools. SKION is in the development in Direct Metal Ion Beam Deposition processing. Todayís rapidly advancing electronic, optical, magnetic and display technology requires more energetic control in thin film deposition than is possible with currently available techniques such as ion beam assisted process or post ionization process. SKION successfully developed and introduced a Negative Sputter Ion Beam process in late 1999. By November 2000, SKION has completed the commercial compatibility of the process in terms of reproducibility and reliability while demonstrating unique performances in many applications. SKIONís business is leading edge process equipment providing a unique process developed for specific applications. The firm is working on process development for Computer Hard Disk, DWDM, optical mirrors, Low Temperature Poly-Si deposition for TFT LCD, highly conductive ITO, ultra smooth & high adhesive strength metal coatings, high packing density oxides & nitrides, taking advantage of SKIONís metal ion beam process.

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