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12007 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 480
Reston, VA 20191
(703) 758-1400
Profile last edited on: 6/24/2015
Business Identifier: Computerized behavior modification for the treatment of tobacco addiction, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and insomnia
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PICS Inc, formally doing business as Behar Inc, Health Innovations Inc and Personal Improvement Computers Systems, is a health behavioral technology company dedicated to development of products that address health behaviors such as tobacco cessation, healthy diet and adequate exercise, and insomnia, which are concerns for a large majority of the population worldwide. The management of these health behaviors is critical to the prevention of addictions, cancer, heart disease, and numerous other medical conditions. The products of PICS are targeted to both the consumer and professional markets and are available as standalone behavioral interventions or as complements to the efforts of health care providers. Products developed by PICS include: SleepKey, a product to treat insomnia; QuitKey, a tobacco cessation product; and DietMate, a comprehensive diet and exercise product family for weight, cholesterol, and hypertension control. PICS has an active research and development program with work in behavioral self-monitoring, medication adherence, and insomnia, in addition to the firms core areas of focus, tobacco, diet, and exercise, PICS is experienced in computerized applications to assess and change behaviors that improve health.

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