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2901 S Loop Drive Building 4 Suite 4400
Ames, IA 50010
(515) 296-5513
Phytodyne Inc
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In 2003, Phytodyne Inc was acquired by BASF AG, and renamed BASF Plant Sciences LLC . Phytodyne, Inc. has developed unique proprietary technologies that strategically position this company within the plant biotechnology sector. Phytodyne's technologies simplify the production of genetically modified crop plants and offer new methods for plant genome manipulation. Together, these technologies enable the production of valuable, proprietary germplasm. Market opportunities for Phytodyne are driven by an expanding need for specialty products produced by genetically modified crop plants for the farm, industry, and consumer. Phytodyne's three primary products include: 1. RetroGene- a retroviral-based plant transformation system 2. Gene Editor- technology that enables specific DNA sequence modifications to be introduced into the genomes of crop plants. 3. Chromosome Homing- a method to target DNA integration to specific sites within plant or animal chromosomes.

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