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460 Totten Pond Road Suite 200
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OpenClinica LLC
Profile last edited on: 1/22/2013
Business Identifier: technology consulting and informatics solutions
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Formerly doing business as Inc, in 2004, the firm's name was changed to Akaza Research and then to OpenClinica LLC in 2007. The firm provides an array of high-end Internet technology solutions available to non-profit organizations that would otherwise not be able to create, maintain, or purchase them outright. The firm creates shared data repositories, software tools and open standards that facilitate public biomedical research. OpenClinica primarily works with academic labs, government supported public research projects, and other public and private research-focused life sciences entities, such as the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center at the McLean Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, the American Association for Advancement of Science, and Science Magazine's Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment (STKE). See complete client list. Clients are provided with open informatics solutions, integrated data retrieval and analysis tools, and unique consulting services to support the lifecycle of scientific discovery. Some examples include Public Gene Expression Repositories, Digital Libraries, Clinical Data Repositories, Collaboratories as well as Software Tools and Open Standards for Data Sharing. Akaza collaborates closely with researchers in academic and non-profit institutions as well as industry organizations towards cooperative projects, grants and standards initiatives. Consistent with the mandate to develop open informatics solutions for public research, the company seeks to: * Develop innovative research platforms that comprise interoperable tools and processes. * Integrate heterogeneous knowledge from diverse data sources and cross disciplinary research initiatives. * Enhance the capacity and efficiency of research labs, while minimizing disruptions to existing processes. * Utilize metadata standards that support knowledge integration across distributed sources. * Enable enhanced extraction and visualization of research information.

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