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507 Jackson Street
Greensboro, NC 27403
(336) 273-8261
Newman Machine Company Inc
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Newman*Whitney is a manufacturer of heavy duty, high quality, innovative woodworking machinery. Since 1837 the company has manufactured machinery in applications such as high speed planer mills, furniture plants and pallet mills. Newman is also known for engineering special machinery for the Textile, Injection Moulding, Plastics and Composite Materials Industry. Newman Machine Company, Inc., founded in 1906, operates under the trade name NEWMAN*WHITNEY. It is comprised of two of the most well know names in the woodworking industry. The beginnings of this melding begin in 1817 with the birth of Baxter D. Whitney. By 1837 he establishes his namesake company and begins his rise within the woodworking industry with the first practical rotary cylinder planer. The company is later purchased by Newman Machine Company of Greensboro North Carolina in 1955

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