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15850 Vickery Drive
Houston, TX 77032
(713) 928-6166
NanoRidge Materials Inc
Profile last edited on: 4/7/2015
Business Identifier: advanced nanomaterial manufacturing
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NanoRidge Materials, Inc is an early stage technology company focused on utilizing and commercializing proprietary technology to incorporate commercially available carbon nanotubes into polymers, elastomers, ceramics, and nano-enhanced materials. In addition, NanoRidge possesses a large body of analytical expertise and trade secret know-how regarding manufacturing processes, including several to produce advanced composite structures.
The strategy of the Company is to commercialize nanocomposite elastomers, metals, thermoplastic and thermoset polymers, structural composites, fibers, and security taggants. This is being pursued by manufacturing these materials in our own growing facility and with select partners who have the capital equipment that corresponds to our manufacturing requirements.

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