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16550 West Bernardo Drive, Building 5, Suite #525
San Diego, CA 92191
(858) 549-8886
Menon & Associates Inc
Profile last edited on: 4/6/2015
Business Identifier: Development of products that enhance security and global well being through molecular biochemistry innovations
Public Profile:
Menon International Inc create solutions that enhance both security and quality of life worldwide. The firm focuses on two areas of technology: new approaches to bio detection such as detecting biological & microbial pathogens, threats and weapons via DNA-based detection sensors and assays; and the designing, building and operating of fermentation and production facilities for the economical conversion of non-food cellulosic waste into renewable fuels, feed and other valuable co-products. To accommodate to the range of application of Menon's capabilities, the firm has established two spin-off companies, Menon Biosensors and Menon Renewable Products. Menon Biosensors applies nuclear magnetic resonance to directly detect molecular and immunochemistry biomarkers. The platform, called Molecular Mirroring Technology (M2 Technology) is faster, more accurate and at a lower cost compared to PCR, sequencing and ELISA. This technology has broad diagnostic and detection applications in healthcare, life sciences, food and animal safety and biodefense/public security sectors. Menon Renewable Products utilizes fermentation to directly convert organic matter into sustainable products. The platform, called CelTherm, is able to produce protein and oil enriched, renewable feed and fuels using a sustained method.

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