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Genesis Center MSC 3ARP Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003
(505) 524-3664
LaSys Inc
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LaSys Inc. is a privately held company based on technology exclusively licensed from New Mexico State University (NMSU). The University through its Technology Transfer Corporation currently holds an equity ownership position in LaSys. Other aspects of this relationship include a continuing involvement of NMSU inventors, scientists, and engineers in the LaSys' development activities and the Company's access to University facilities and equipment. LaSys currently maintains office and laboratory facilities in the Genesis Center on the NMSU campus. The Founders of LaSys include a group of NMSU physicists and engineers, and an experienced entrepreneur with an established record of organizing successful technology based companies. Working with the University's administration, the Founders have established a proprietary position that currently includes several U.S. and foreign patents and a number of pending patent applications covering a group of novel optically active nanocomposite materials that possess unique properties that are expected to offer commercial potential in a variety of industries. Through its agreement with NMSU, LaSys possesses exclusive worldwide rights to this proprietary technology including certain future developments. Following its initial objective of moving the existing technology out of the university research laboratories, LaSys initiated the fabrication and development of the nanocomposite materials in its own facilities. At the same time, the Company will benefit from the continuing research and collaborative relationships of the inventors who continue the pursuit of their basic research in the optical nancomposite field

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