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1936 Heatherton Drive
Holt, MI 48842
(517) 694-1825
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Intellicon is in the business of power system voltage stability and reliability. Revolutionary technology development and world renowned power system expertise have coalesced into an unmatched ability to provide powerful insight into the causes of and remedies for voltage instability and voltage collapse. Intellicon's consulting services combine a comprehensive understanding of voltage instability with intelligent algorithms to perform the assessments of where, when, why and how voltage instability occurs and to mitigate and posture the system against voltage instability. The massive computation required is provided using powerful cluster computing to bring you the best in voltage stability analysis. Intellicon consulting services range from system design, system planning, and operation planning. Intellicon utilitizes its specialized technology to deliver a complete, system-wide picture of voltage stability and voltage instability remediation. Intellicon Analysis at a Glance * Creates and simulates a set of 500,000 1,000,000 single and double contingencies to determine those that actually cause cascading voltage instability rather than those that are close to causing cascading voltage instability. Traditional methods use at most a few hundred contingencies that can not be guaranteed to initiate voltage instability * Diagnose where, when, why, and how the voltage instability occurs for each contingency by creating a comprehensive system-wide understanding of the structural cause of each instability. This can only be guessed at or at best is approximated using traditional iterative P-V or V-Q curve methods * Identify voltage rescheduling, unit commitment, load shedding, and system protection controls for each contingency where traditional P-V and V-Q methods are unable to obtain load flow solutions and adequately decrease proximity to voltage instability * Provides a four step diagnostic method to separate contingencies which cause voltage instability from those that suffer from load flow numerical problems * Can posture each region and loadpocket against voltage instability for a group of contingencies that cause similar cascading voltage instability patterns * Uses full Newton load flow solutions from industry standard Siemens PSS/E or GE PSLF software.

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