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345 Inverness Drive South Building C Suite 310
Englewood, CA 80112
(303) 858-8358
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  Patrick Gruber - President/CEO
Gevo Inc
Profile last edited on: 5/10/2012
Business Identifier: renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels
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Focused to development tof the next generation of renewalbles Gevo isdeveloping the Next Generation of Advanced Biofuels to include isobutanol and other alcohol systems will: * Deliver the performance of gasoline without the environmental impact * Help to eliminate supply scarcity and reduce our dependency on foreign oil * Reduce greenhouse gases and emissions. aking Renewable Fuels An Affordable Reality: Advanced biofuels like isobutanol can also address many challenges that first-generation biofuels such as ethanol have faced on their path to market: energy efficiency, transport and the need to modify existing engines. In contrast, isobutanol: * Has a higher energy content per gallon than many first generation biofuels * Does not absorb water and can be transported through the existing oil and gas distribution infrastructure. * Can be used in gas-powered vehicles without modification or blending, which reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. Gevo Integrated Fermentation Technology (GIFTTM). Gevo uses the tools of biotechnology and its process engineering expertise to research and develop a unique route to isobutanol, a second generation biofuel. Starting with the strategic objective of developing technology that fits into existing ethanol production capacity with a minimum of process change and capital expense, Gevo provides a complete solution package including a fermentative organism and an isobutanol separations unit, as well as related technology transfer services. Gevo and ICM, its engineering partner, have designed the system to take advantage of the unique properties of isobutanol to deliver a custom solution for each ethanol facility. Gevo retrofits existing ethanol plants with its proprietary technology and techniques to make isobutanol for use as biofuel or other renewable chemicals. GIFTTM: Combining the Best of Biotechnology and Process Engineering. Every successful industrial biotechnology solution begins with the fermentation organism, or biocatalyst. Gevo used synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to develop its biocatalyst to make isobutanol at high concentrations and without the typical expression co-products. Economic yield from carbohydrates and robust operations are the hallmark of all successful industrial biotechnology projects. Our current generation biocatalyst operates on fermentable sugars from grain crops, sugar cane and sugar beets. Future generation biocatalysts are in development for mixed sugars from biomass so when the conversion technology is commercially available, we will be able to produce cellulosic butanol. Although isobutanol is a naturally occurring alcohol, high concentrations inhibit the growth of microorganisms. In order to operate our fermentation at optimum conditions for the biocatalyst, and within the process conditions found in ethanol plants, Gevo developed a unique separation technology. The solution uses a process innovation for continuous separation of the isobutanol as it is produced. Gevo provides the fully integrated solution to its ethanol production partners via flexible commercial arrangements. In August 2010, Gevo Inc filed with U.S. securities regulators to raise up to $150 million in an initial public offering of common stock. The company plans to use the net proceeds to acquire ethanol facilities and intends to be listed on NASDAQ using the ticker symbol "GEVO"

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