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1220 Page Avenue
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 438-7524
GC Holdings Inc
Profile last edited on: 10/27/2015
Business Identifier: integrated optic platforms and polymers
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In Marcj 2103, GC Holding (Gemfiire) was acquired by Kaiam. GC Holdings is an umbrella company of Gemfire committed to take advantage of leading-edge materials technologies and the inherent advantages they bring to photonics applications. The firm's core competencies and expertise allows the creation of best-in-family products for a range of applications. The first firm in the portfolio was Gemfire Corporation, a manufacturer specializing in applying semiconductor processing technologies and proprietary polymers to optical platforms creating a new family of high-performance telecom components. In Feb 2004, GC Holdings had acquired Avanex Corporation's silica planar lightwave circuit (PLC) unit in Livington, Scotland. In April 2004, GC Holdings acquired assets and key technology from the former Nova Crystals Inc which enable APD detectors and highest-gain bandwidth products using bonded InGaAs-in-silicon platforms.

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