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6410 Eastland Road Suite D
Cleveland, OH 44122
(440) 816-9850
Essential Research Inc
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Essential Research, Inc. is an ER Semiconductor company, developer of Longwave™ and Redwave™ technology . In 2005 management launched ER Semiconductor to manufacture and sell technology developed by Essential Research. ER Semiconductor is the exclusive manufacturing, sales and distribution agent for Redwave™ and Longwave™ brands of light emitting diodes and laser diodes. The firm's facilities include three class 10,000 clean rooms, one class 1,000 clean room, and office and warehouse spaces. The firm has an Organo-Metallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (OMVPE) production tool, a full complement of micro-fabrication equipment, and test equipment which includes a Scanning Electron Microscope and a complete optoelectronic testing station. Qualified staff includes highly skilled engineers and expert scientists, who are dedicated to providing solutions to your most demanding technical problems. We work closely with each client to ensure that they receive careful attention to their most stringent technical requirements.

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