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315 Wynn Drive Suite 2
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 837-8004
Dese Research Inc
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DESE Research, Inc., is a family-owned business established as a knowledge-based organization conducting theoretical and analytical research in the fields of Defense, Energy, Space, and Environment (DESE). The corporate name was derived from long-term goals that embrace these four areas. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, DESE has over 20 years of experience in providing advanced engineering, scientific, and technical support to government and industry customers. DESE corporate headquarters in Huntsville; Leavenworth, Kansas; Washington, DC; Seattle, Washington; Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Orlando, Florida; and Nashville, Tennessee. As the firm expanded from defense-related activities into the private sector, bring any new and exciting technologies that can be commercialized. We also bring a highly skilled work force, anxious to apply their skills to improve the quality of life for everyone. DESE capabilities encompass a broad range of physics and engineering disciplines which have allowed our annual sales to increase an average of 18% per year in the past 5 years. Staff is primarily comprised of senior personnel with more than 20 years of experience, many with advanced degrees. This capability is available to undertake complex, multi-disciplinary programs contributing to the solution of problems of national interest. DESE experience includes threat analysis, systems engineering, design, analysis, and integration for a variety of military systems. Systems engineering projects have addressed Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) and Theater Missile Defense (TMD) system mission analysis, definition, performance effectiveness analysis, and Battle Management/Command, Control, and Communications (BM/C3). Ongoing or recently completed programs inculde: space control concept definition, concept design, effectiveness analysis, basing studies, technology assessment, and test and evaluation.

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