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One Kendall Square Building 700
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 225-0600
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  N/A - President/CEO
Cambridge Neuroscience Research
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May 2000 - firm acquired by British firm CeNeS Pharmaceuticals PLC but will continue business at present location. Cambridge NeuroScience, Inc. employs advanced drug discovery technologies, such as electrophysiology, molecular biology, neuropharmacology and genetics, to develop novel medications for the treatment of severe neurological and psychiatric disorders, including stroke, Alzheimer1s disease and schizophrenia. Reports of Cambridge NeuroScience's demise have been somewhat exaggerated. The company is still developing drugs to treat nervous system disorders and injuries, despite a media report (later emended) saying it was "gone." It is focused on two complementary technologies: growth-factor proteins to counteract nerve degeneration and to regenerate lost cells (to treat multiple sclerosis and peripheral neuropathies), and ion-channel blockers to prevent nerve-cell death following stroke (this may also have uses against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases). Cambridge NeuroScience's Aptiganel is in Phase III trials; other drugs are in earlier stages of development. Collaborative partners include Allergan and Bayer AG.

 Synopsis: Awardee Business Condition
Year Founded 1986 IP Holdings 20-24
Employee Range 10-14 VC funded? Yes
Revenue Range 2.5M-5M Private/Public Publicly Traded
 Most Recent SBIR Projects
Year Phase Agency Dollars Project Title
2000 2 NIH $867,025 Symptomatic Treatment Of Peripheral Neuropathies
2000 1 NIH $100,000 Potential Therapeutic Uses Of Neuregulin-2
1997 1 NIH $100,000 Neuregulin Antagonists For Cancer Treatment
1993 2 NIH $500,000 Synthetic Neuroprotective Glutamate Release Blockers
1992 2 NIH $500,000 Human homologues of nematode cell death genes


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