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6160 Lusk Boulevard Suite C206
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 550-0596
Call/Recall Inc
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Call/Recall, Inc. develops high capacity (terabyte), fast data rate (10~100 Gigabytes) and access (~10 ms) storage systems. Two photon 3D data storage and detection by fluorescence was invented by Dr. Peter Rentzepis professor at UC-Irvine. Materials for two photon storage promise to be inexpensive and easily manufactured in a variety of forms. Several versions of this material have been developed. Related preliminary optical storage system architectural design work has been done by Dr. Sadik Esener, professor at UC San Diego. Professor's Esener and Rentzepis are co-founders of Call/Recall, Inc. and are currently President and Chairman of the Board of the company, respectively. The original patents for two photon 3D data storage and detection by fluorescence are assigned to C/R Inc

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