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580 Burbank Street Unit 100
Broomfield, CO 80020
(303) 318-4145
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ALD NanoSolutions Inc
Profile last edited on: 2/7/2014
Business Identifier: Specialty Nano-Materials Company
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ALD NanoSolutions Inc developed the Particle ALD technique for the field of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), producing conformal, uniform, pinhole free, high purity, inorganic nanocoatings on the surface of dry individual nanoparticles. To achieve this, the firm synchronized the dynamic aggregation fluidization characteristics of nanoparticles and the self-limiting sequential surface reaction provided by the ALD technique. ALD offers the best commercial methods for conformally encapsulating small particles with chemically bonded, high-quality, ultra-thin films of controlled thickness. The Particle ALD process is carried out on an easily scalable fluidized bed reactor and the thickness of the coating produced via this technique is independent of the time, flux or location in the fluidized bed reactor. In addition, the coating is chemically bonded to the particulate substrate. This technique can be employed to produce passivated magnetic nanometals that have applications in areas such as drug delivery, magnetic resonance imaging materials, and powdered magnetic cores. The technique can also be used in developing thermal fillers with improved properties, improved battery systems, polymer/ceramic nanocomposites, improved lighting materials, low-energy high-sensitivity sensors, thermites, dental fillers, catalytic materials and quantum tunneling surge protection devices.

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