Telling Your Story

By very careful choice and design every ASSETs Forum is small scale.  There are never more than 90-100 event involved - usually made up of

  • 12-15 representatives of the Tech Seekers - to handle to detail and diversity of technical topics offered, many have more than one person in attendance.
  • usually 45-55 small firm players -SBIR awardees - again a few will have more than one person.  Toe enable that to happen, the second/third person from the same firm is at just-about our cost.
  • the various professional service providers and others recruited as Content Session participants. While our speakers and discussants are always top-of-the-line experts in their field and add much to the value of the Event, it is important to stress that an ASSETs Forum is NOT a conference. Content Sessions are not the reason for your involvement and such sessions are structured to enhance the reason for the event - effective working relationships - to be thought provoking but always schedule into the available time-slots that remain AFTER the main focus of the event is fully scheduled.
  • and the limited number of staff (3-4) required to ensure smooth functioning of the proceedings

The emphasis here is on enabling as much formal and informal interaction between the parties as is needed to get the job done.   This translates into extensive arms-length information exchange (much being pre-event), useful group sessions to enable discussion of process matters common to almost all subsequent relationships, and the all important face-to-face time to get to substantive matters.

To support all of this, once a notified SBIR Awardee - selected to receive an Email Alert pre-event because we judge they have skills sets and capabilities to one (or more) Tech Seekers - is on-site and is site registered, they can participate fully in a range of things to enable this process

  • Pre-event, can ask clarifying questions of the Tech Seeker about any/all of the Topics listed.  These Questions are submitted online and are forwarded by Even Managers to the appropriate person.  All responses are similarly process through Event Managers and posted online. All these threads - questions and responses - are fully viewable by any site-use authorized SBIR awardee.
  • They can submit a White Paper to any Tech Seeker.  These are structured to an accepted form and format offered online and are retained in that awardees onsite Work Area until such time are they judge the piece finished and ready for submission.  If not yet Event Registered, there will be an incurred cost for White Paper submission.  That cost is applied agaianst any registration fee when the submitter does decide to attend the Event.  The cost of $50 per will remian for those opting not to attend but the WWhite Ppaer will be provided to the relevant Tech Seeker for thei rown use and follow-up.
  • Described in detail elsewhere on the site, the Nutshell is similarly a formated document.  The Nutshell Opportuity includes a full FIVE minute Plenary Session presentation over the one year period following Account set-up at any ASSETs related event held over that period and in which the SBIR awardees participates.   The number of those slots is limited with pre-event opporunty to select a particular day and time as these are stil available. Over that same period, the Nutshell document - updatable at any time - remains fully accessible to any of the ASSET Account Holders among Tech Seekers.  
  • Described in detail elsewhere on the site, the Poster Exhibit is an Event specific opportunity which is used to focus attention of Tech Seekers to details either about the firm and/or about particular Technologies of Relevance to which any awardee wishes.  There is no  limitation on the number of Poster Slots that can be made available and cantherefore be of particular value to awardees either not able to engage a Nutshell slot and/or relative new to this approach.