SBIR Capability Showcase

In this part of the site are listed the Company Capability Statements accepted from a range of SBIR Awardees variously involved in doing what can be judged leading-edge work in their space.
     Acceptance of Nutshells is NOT automatic. As received, all applications are carefully reviewed by the Evaluation Team. Some will be edited; a few will be returned for major re-write.
     In this context, it is important to stress that what the firm has accomplished in SBIR - in terms of what technologies have been developed, what business milestones may have been reached - is actually less important than how what that firm has achieved to date is evidence of what they are capable of doing. In other words, the focus here is to in-place skills sets and to demonstrated capabilities as much as it is to specific technology accomplishments for possible insertion.
Capability Statements: exposure
Capability Statements are a useful and potentially important Marketing Tool for this event and subsequently.
  •    Whether those selected are Event-involved or not, all accepted Company Capability Statements will be posted here on this site for relevant Tech Seeker access and review - see below - AND will be on the Event USB stick which will be part of the Event Package and that which is used in any post-event distribution.
  •    All SBIR Awardees with an accepted Capability Statement who opt to participate in the SBIR ASSETs event will be provided opportunity for a FIVE minute Plenary Session Nutshell presentation

Tech Seekers ONLY:
For the near-term, it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that access to these Company Capability Statements is limited to Registered Tech Seekers. Tech Seekers are reminded that though these Capability Statements may likely include those of SBIR Awardees who are responsive to their Issued Topics with prepared White Papers, this area of the site is in addition to that customized process and will usually have a more general applicability.

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