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Note: Tech Seeker Registration usually is handled offline. Please contact us before registering.

Secured Payment System

The Registration process is being managed entirely online through our Secured Payment System.
  • Full payment must have been received before the event and, to facilitate processing the transaction.
  • We request that EACH participant COMPLETE the registration form online - ONE form per PERSON
Levels of Tech Seeker Participation ASSETs Forum
Tech Seeker definition: Tech Seekers are those persons in large and mid-sized firms tasked by their firm with professional responsibility for engaging the capabiltites and skills sets of external players to assist in meeting corporate technology development needs.
Tech Seekers with in-place Retainer Accounts are reminded that they should register at the Observer level. They will be immediately upgraded to full Exploratory status with all applicable benefits of that status.
Pro-ActiveTech Seeker participation includes:
  • Pre-Event on-site posting and targeted emailings to selected, qualified SBIR awardees relevant to Tech Seeker submitted Areas of Technology Interest and/or prepared Technical Topics.
  • Pre-event provision to registered Tech Seekers of submitted White Papers, participant information and small company data to include Business Profiles and, as available, full Capability Statements
  • Event package customized to each Tech Seeker
  • TWENTY-TWENTY-FIVE minute at event podium time in Plenary Session
  • Scheduled post-presentation Break-Out session
  • At event available one-on-one area
  • Post-event follow-up and expanded services to include contact to appropriately qualified non-attending SBIR awardees and inclusion of Topics in Triannual Technology Solicitation
  • Discounted event participation by Company colleagues. One-day or special session attendance rates for colleagues are available on request.
Pro-Active Tech Seeker: Exploratory
Full Exploratory
$1895.00 Select to

  • A formatted narrative of areas of general interest for pre-event posting on Event Site and for inclusion in signature ASSET system targeted mailings to appropriately qualified SBIR awardees.
  • Specific OR general interest Topics may be submitted for inclusion in Triannual Technology Solicitations in the year following Event at a 50% discount on the normal rate of $2500 per. For those with an in-place Accont, be aware that these costs can be covered by use of Points.
  • Additional full-event participation ticket. 50% discount on Observer rate ($1000)
Observer Status:
Many with Tech Seeker responsibilites are relatively new to the SBIR-STTR access opportunity and/or much less familiar with the range and diversity of the expertise of awardees. These persons may not feel quite ready to assume full Tech Seekers role at the ASSETs event. Nonetheless, they are very interested in meeting with these small firms, listening to their presentations and, by watching their more SBIR-experienced Tech Seeker colleagues, getting some sense of how they might similarly take advantage of this important resource.
      To that end, a small number of Tech Seeker Observer slots have been established. Offering some pre-event exposure and at-event opportunity, these are available on a first-come, first-served basis
Observer status:
$1000.00 Select to

  • No pre-event Topic targeting to explicitly qualified SBIR awardees. However, general overview of Observer areas of interest will be posted on Event site and will be referenced in general mailings and other promotions re. this event to relevant segments of the currently involved-SBIR community.
  • Observer status attendees will be scheduled a FIFTEEN minute slot in the last segment set-aside for Tech Seeker Plenary session presentations. Those with Observer status will also have the option for a post-session Breakout to meet with any interested awardees. There will also have been ample opportunity throughout to meet informally with all attendees.
  • Specific OR general interest Topics may be submitted for inclusion in Triannual Technology Solicitations in year following event. Up to FIVE topics will be accepted at a 20% discount on the normal rate of $2500 per.
  • ONE full-event participation ticket. 25% discount on Observer rate ($1000) for any additional ticket(s)
of Tech Seeker:
$500.00 Select to

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