What do we know about you?

To enable people to get to  substantive discussion once they meet at the Forum, it is our usual practice pre-event to provide relevant Tech Seekers useful overview of which firms they will be meeting and what they are about.  We do that by drawing down a profile of each participating small firm from our comprehensive systems.  These are provided pre-event; as well as at-event on a USB stick and sometimes in hard copy.  The premise is that it is useful that before you meet, you - and they -  will know a lot about each other.

That said, though we expend considerable effort to maintain the accuracy and currency of what is in those profiles, we can never connect-the-dots the way the firm itself can.  To that end therefore, we routinely provide anyone with possible event participation interest, a copy of their current profile.  Please find that attached.

The idea is to enable the principals of the firm

  • To correct any inaccuracies
  • Tease out some of the detail
  • Handle any omissions and
  • In general give balance to the piece

Note that this attached Profile is actually more comprehensive than the one we make available to our large and mid-size corporate Tech-Seekers.  That extra data serves well to help us hone the listing of large firms to which we might make introduction at events like a Forum, inknowvation@work or our private sector version of the SBIR – funded R&D projects.  

Please don’t feel overwhelmed.
We track a LOT of data about you and can appreciate your time is precious.  Please don’t feel obligated to tackle all of this at one go – or at all.  Just do what you can reasonably quickly

Bottom line is, the more accurate and complete our on-file info about your firm and developed(ing) capabilities, the more likely, on an ongoing basis, we can make useful, potentially profitable connections on your behalf to the right people.  

What do we know?
The Awards data will likely already be complete and accurate.  Patents (pending, licensed or not yet assigned) may require your attention.  We will always have the full citation record on any of your patents already in our systems – over 80,000 to date. You guys are prolific IP creators.  

We are particular interested in getting your input into the Public Profile of the firm and, very important, the Business Identifier and relevant keyword/phrases that anchor you into the space in which you wish to partner, trade IP, raise funding etc

In addition the following may require your attention

  • Business basics -- year of founding, employment base and revenue stream
  • Management and principal investigators - including, as available, relevant bios
  • Any venture capital activity - Sources, dates, round and dollars.  Note that we actually have almost all of this in our systems already but sometimes have dollars omissions and/or not all the investors
  • Recorded collaborations and partnerships; customer listings etc
  • As applicable, spin-in and spin-out activity.  Many SBIR awardees use this as an effective commercialization strategy and we have a lot of these on file but may not have them all

Less immediately vital but very useful are:

  • The extent and type external relationships with large and/or mid-sized firms.  Just tell us who not necessary what.
  • Any non-SBIR revenue steams, i.e. ATP awards, Government contracts, Contracts from Organizations and foundations, for example (American Heart Association) etc
  • Any In-Use technologies that we may not be aware of
  • Professional recognitions, for example, R&D 100, Frost & Sullivan, Fortune 500 fastest growing etc, Inc 100,Tibbetts Award,
  • Any Key business developments. These are often in the form of press releases covering introduction of new technologies, business agreements, changes of company leadership etc.  Provide us back copies of these AND ensure that we are on your Press Release distribution list

Finally as we continue to refine our databases – ever a work in progress!! - If there are particular people to whom you wish our communications primarily to be directed, please le us know that.  Especially in the more SBIR active firms with diverse areas of technology development interest, on occasion we will target an email to a particular researcher but in general we need senior management to be the ones hearing from us.