Site Usage Options

  • It is important to note that an ASSETs Event is NOT simply a scheduled conference where any interested party has access by registering and paying the event fee. 
  • Neither is the Event website simply an electronic brochure documenting who will be doing what, when and where.

An ASSETs Event better understood as a component part of an extensive process which extends over several weeks before those involved meet and get to work together.  From that understanding, the Event Site becomes a useful resource and tool designed to enable and support that pre-event interaction between the two lead partes - Tech Seeker and quailfied SBIR Awardee with whom they are interested in working. 

Timely and effective use of these tools mean that when the two parties eventually meet face-to-face, important groundwork has been laid to enable their discussions to move quickly and seamlessly to substantive matters.

With the defined objective of achieving viable working relationships, to support that pre-event effort and to protect proprietary nature of some data maintained here, THREE levels of Site Registration pertain

  1. Browsing:  Involving NO Site Registration this basic level of site access enables someone to get a sense for who is involved, how it works and what will be happening. 
  2. Delving:  For those SBIR-involved players wanting to know more about whether ASSETs Forum involvement would represent useful Business Opportunity to them, they may opt for Basic Site Registration;   This will give them
    • access to the next level of data access on this Event site
    • plus usage of the full ASSETs site.  

    Note: for those already having an ASSETs site account, their current login name and password will suffice.

  3. Commitment:  These are those SBIR awardees significantly interested in perhaps meeting with one or more of the participating Tceh Seekers To make that determination, they need to download Topic Statement(s);  be able to ask clarifying questions;  to submit White Papers; to prepare Nutshells Capability requirements.  If, in consequence, the opportunity seems to make sense, they need to be able to Event Register, pick their Plenary Session Presentation slot etc
BONUS:  All those SBIR Awardees opting to Site Register -- at either the Delve or Commtment levels -- will be provided an electronic Working Copy of their Business Profile developed from the proprietary databases developed and maintained by the Innovation Development Institute.
      Every firm will be provided full opportunity to edit and to flesh-out that very useful, often widely circulated piece.
      Unqiue to the full ASSET website, Business Profiles on every SBIR involved firm (now over 19,000 firms) are available.  They are routinely accessible to any of the very large number of Tech Seekers who are already ASSETs involved and are typically high on any Google search-result listing referencing any firm which is/has been SBIR involved and, with increasing frequency, in scientific and technical keywords driven searches..
The more accurate and substantive your profile in our system, the greater
the likelihood that those who need what you have will find you