This site, and the SBIR ASSETs event it is structured to support, is designed to enable useful pre-event information exchange and effective interaction between qualified SBIR-STTR involved firms and relevant Tech Seekers authorized personnel before event convenes and during the two-days of the program.
  • To protect the proprietary nature of that interaction and of some of the data here, being Site Registered is required.  This is a no-cost transaction
  • If/when decision is made to be Event-involved, those persons will go through the Event Register process relevant to their type of involvement.
Types of Event Registration:
There are THREE types of Event involvement with the cost of participation driven by which 'type' of participant you are and the extent of active engagement you wish to have both pre-event and at-event.

  1. Tech Seekers: those employed by large and mid-sized corporations with responsibility for seeking out and establishing working relationships with appropriately qualified small firms.  Within that group, there are TWO options: (1) Full Tech Seeker or (2) Observer.  Details
  2. SBIR -STTR Awardees: in major part, given the extensive pre-event effort to notify only those firms whom we judge likely to have interest in, and skills relevant to the areas of technology collaboration identified by one/more of the Tech Seekers, the choices are TWO.  (1) Full blown event participation with scheduled on-podium presentation time etc or (2) Observers.  Details
  3. Others:  Much better understood as almost by-invitation affair, an ASSETs Forum is not an open-access Conference.  However.  there are various players in the SBIR space who really want to participate and who can often add much value.  Therefore, though the number of slots is limited, we do encourage and accept involvement by some Federal Agency personnel (Program Managers and others);  various State Support program personnel; and, though usually involved in the role of Speakers and/or Event Supporters, various professional service providers.  Details