...about ASSETs Events

Three ASSETs Event Types: pick
the right one to meet your needs

With the focus always on getting down to business - on realizing the value of effective SBIR involvement - from the outset, events designed and offered by the Innovation Development Institute have always taken a different tack to ensure that those involved leave feeling well satisfied that the effort had been worth the time and expense.  Events integrated into to the very effective ASSET system are true to that several year tradition. 

Grounded solidly in a needs-driven, market pull approach, the effort is always to ensure that the right people are in the room to get the job done. 

The foundation event - now in its sixth iteration with a solid track record of done deals in place - is the ASSETs Forum.  More recent variation on the same them are ... the foused to series and now, inknowvation@work®.

  1. ASSETs Forum: now offered annually, Forum is primarily focused to those Tech Seekers either new to the SBIR space and/or coming to the table with fairly broad areas of collaborative interest.
  2. ... focused to: Each offering in the series is designed to be more narrowly defined than the full-blown Annual Forums in terms of technical content. The events are shorter in duration - 1.5 days - and also somewhat smaller in scale. 
  3. inknowvation@work®:  Much better understood as almost by-invitation affair, an ASSETs Forum is not an open-access Conference.  However.  there are various players in the SBIR space who really want to participate and who can often add much value.  Therefore, though the number of slots is limited, we do encourage and accept involvement by some Federal Agency personnel (Program Managers and others);  various State Support program personnel; and, though usually involved in the role of Speakers and/or Event Supporters, various professional service providers.