Tracking our SBIR-STTR Community relationships by type

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By multiple variables, function enables authorized Users to SEARCH within specific inventory of SBIR-involved with known connection to that Tech Seeker
This screen capture is of one Actual Page of office of a current Tech Seeker long-time working with idi.  A large pharma, the listing below is the actual first TEN of a total (in this case) of 101 SBIR-involved firms with which this particular Tech Seeker
  • EITHER already has (or has had) a working relationship.  These may include
    • an investment
    • the firm having been acquired
    • some form of IP transaction
    • an ASSET purchase
    • SBIR project relationship
    • contract funded R&D
    • customer/client - either direction
  • OR in which someone in the Tech Seeking organization has indicated an interest. 
Full profiles of any/all these firms can be created on-the-fly and on demand and, to maintain currency,  are continuously updated by idi.  Such reports can be filed by particular User in their own Private Office and/or can made available to anyone else on the Tech Seeker team to include fully protected in-house notes and discussion about that small firm. 
By multiple factors, this Search function enables authorized Users to delve within the specific inventory of SBIR-involved connected to this particular Corporation Showing 10 records out of 38 total
  Synopsis of relevant data Total records: 38
Corporate Interest Company Name
Nature of connection Extent of SBIR involvement Last date


In my

Computer Simulation & Analysis IncIdaho FallsIDInctive2$264,894  010/3/2006
Entropic Systems IncEdmondsWAInctive7$2,220,091  56/17/2011
Omni Tech International LtdMidlandMIInctive1$172,497  14/8/2004
Radiation Safety EngineeringChandlerAZInctive5$1,412,249  07/17/2008
ASCA IncRolling Hills EstateCAInctive5$638,730  112/1/2005
Anesta CorporationSalt Lake CityUTInctive1$50,000  34/8/2010
CompuCyte CorporationWestwoodMAInctive1$667,370  144/30/2012
Innovative Research IncPlymouth MNInctive12$4,304,142  111/9/2011
Tullis Engineering ConsultantsLoganUTInctive1$50,000  01/4/2007
Blue Sky ResearchMilpitasCAInctive1$74,908  215/1/2008
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