About P&G Healthcare

The focus for this scheduled inknowvation@work is the technology needs of P&G Healthcare - one of the three main business divisions of the major corporation Procter & Gamble.  Based on input by technical personnel and senior management, those with Tech Seeker responsibility for healthcare have offered Topic Listings - both broadly defined and narrowly specific - where the judgment is that collaboration with one/more SBIR-STTR awardees might make considerable sense. 

Areas of technical interest:  P&G Healthcare interests organize around the primary areas of:

To that end, each of these Interest Areas has its own page here where the Topic titles, descriptions and, where available, any supplementary data is set out.
    However,  it is important to stress that part of what defines what happens on the occasions at these on-site events is that, to some extent, the Tech Seeker is trying to think out outside the box - involving not only working with different players but also tapping into their different view of the world. 
    Through Connect & Develop, P&G has almost a decade of external outreach to meet current product needs.  In this context that model is being expanded and adapted to accommodate to this Fortune 50 firm now on a systematic basis working with a range SBIR awardees on projects that will help define the world and the marketplaces in which P&G Healthcare will need to function 5-7-10 years from now.  Very different space. 
    Think about your involvement accordningly and particularly what you can say in your pre-event communications - Q/A, White Papers etc - to pique their interest in knowing more about you.

It's not about what you have; it's about what you can do:
Note well that in the context of any ASSETs endeavor, the emphasis is NOT so much on what you have already in hand.  Except in a few instances, P&G (and most of the dozens of Tech Seekers with whom we are associated) will only rarely be buying product from SBIR awardees.  Instead, with the emphasis on what the Tech Seeker needs, what you have is far better understood as evidence of what you are capable of doing. The interest of most Tech Seekers is in your demonstrated skill sets and capablities and how those can be brought to bear on their problems and concerns.     
     Don't try to sell them something -
particularly pre-event but also, if you are invited, at event. Instead, use the opportunity(ies) we offer here to pique their interest in meeting with you to discuss how what you can do is relevant to

  • what they are about
  • and to how that world is changing.

and for you to find out more about what they want, what they are buying, how they think, the types of relationships they have in mind, how they will make the decision.

Invited participation:

Consistent with most ASSETs events and activities, this is a by-invitation event.  There will be no general posting in event listings nor do we do large-number emails out to the community. 
     In major part, those in the SBIR community seeing this page are those who have received an invitation email based on our judgement that, having deep-mined our highly sophisticated proprietary SBIR-STTR databases they have the skill sets and capabilities relevant to being able tackle one-more of the particular Tech Seeker listed TOPs.

P&G have the final decision re. who is invited:
For every inknowvation@work event, we go to considerable trouble to winnow down to that population of 200-300 SBIR-involved firms which our system data suggests have the relevant skill sets to tackle some part of the Tech Seeker areas of interest.  Given our extensive role as a trusted intermediary,  we always have a fair amount of influence in getting invitation to firms which may not be on the working list close to event and that we we think really should be at-event.     

     However, in the final analysis it is P&G personnel who make the call re. with whom they wish to meet.
     Bear that in mind as you come onto the site and prepare your submission materials.  Also note that on these occasions, last minute additions to the invite list are rare.  Onthese occasions,  the final listing is usually closed 2-3 weeks pre-event.  We know you have other demands on your time - but be careful not to lose out by not getting into the system in timely manner.