Digestive wellness

Broad Areas of Interest 12
Specific areas of technology interest 25
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Gastrointestinal symptoms are among the leading causes of morbidity in both the developed and developing world. Given the importance of this area, for more than two decades, P&G Health Science Institute scientists have explored ways to improve gastrointestinal health.
     That work has already helped develop new treatments for ulcers and traveler's diarrhea; explored the role of bismuth subsalicylate in treating children's diarrhea; explored the role of psyllium, a type of soluble fiber, in lowering blood cholesterol and managing diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome; and, demonstration that a new class of powerful medications, proton pump inhibitors, can be used safely and effectively to treat frequent heartburn symptoms in OTC use. Frequent heartburn affects more than 40 million Americans and this promising research is poised to make a dramatic intervention to improve people's lives.
     As part of this process, P&G personnel have collaborated with some of the world's top thought leaders regarding emerging scientific discoveries that could make their way into products providing new digestive health solutions. Indicative of that discovery approach, the following short list describe the broad topic areas of interest.    
     P&G are interested in hearing from - and potentially meeting with in November - SBIR awardees with capabilities and ideas relevant to any one (or more) of these areas. Think of these are being much like the NIH areas of interest seeking investigator initiated work.
Broad Areas of Interest
Number of Broad Topics to date: 12
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Topic Title
Indicators of interest levels
Firms Interested White Papers
Questions Asked
Context setting, cross-project enabling capabilities (DW) 5 1 0
Treatment of digestive symptoms 2 1 0
Digestive symptoms 0 0 0
Identification of digestive conditions 1 0 0
Digestive Therapies 0 0 0
Treatment of digestive disorders 1 1 0
Non-invasive digestive diagnostic methods 2 1 0
Science, methodologies, analytical methods and treatments related to upper and lower GI tract, digestive enzymes and gastric function 0 0 0
Technology-based targeted fiber delivery systems 0 0 0
Technology inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria throughout the GI tract 1 0 0
Novel dose forms 1 0 0
Non-invasive methods to detect and/or diagnose any of the following: Gas; Indigestion; Food allergies; Heartburn; Over-indulgence; Flatulence; or Bloating. 2 0 0

Technology Areas of Interest Developed by P&G personnel, the Topics listed below are somewhat more narrowly focused with in most (but not all cases) some useful indicators of what the listing source is looking for in terms of benefits sought, new actives, delivery methods etc.
Number of Topics to date: 25
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Topic Title
Indicators of interest levels
Firms Interested White Papers
Questions Asked
Control of "bad bacteria" Technologies or ingredients that help control the proliferat... ...more 2 0 0
Enhancement of Gut Function and Systemic Immune System Products or ingredients that directly or indirectly enhance ... ...more 1 0 0
Removal of Toxins/contaminants From the Body Orally-ingested ingredients the remove toxins or contaminant... ...more 1 0 0
Protection of Probiotic cryoprotectant, enteric coating, resist gastric acid, humidity and temperature tolerant New actives: Technologies to relieve fullness
Deliver... ...more
2 0 0
Sensory measurements (i.e., objective measurements of pain/discomfort) New actives: Pre and Probiotics with digestive wellness bene... ...more 1 0 0
Health benefits of Probiotics beyond digestive wellness; Mechanism of Action of Probiotics New actives: Fiber with gelling properties that can deliver ... ...more 0 0 0
Bloating/Fullness Measurements New actives: Digestive acid-neutralizing food-safe materials... ...more 1 0 0
Gel characterization of edible fibers New actives: carbohydrases
0 0 0
Complimentary Ingredients to Improve Gastrointestinal Health Ingredients that can be added to psyllium, inulin, and/or pr... ...more 1 0 0
Promote or Maintain Healthy Intestinal Flora Clinically proven ingredients that help maintain a healthy b... ...more 1 0 0
Probiotic survivability (glass transition, temperature, etc) Benefits: Reduce/prevent small bowel over-growth
New ... ...more
1 0 0
Technologies that reduce the symptoms specifically related to overeating and/or overindulgence i.e. fullness, bloating and/or gas    NOTE: this topic is more specifically related t... ...more 1 0 0
Understanding the mechanism of action of indigestion - non-ulcer dyspepsia    Benefits sought: Technology en... ...more 1 0 0
Understanding vitamin and mineral adsorption    Benefits sought: Enhanced prob... ...more 2 1 0
Methods of directly or indirectly enhancing the function of the gut and systemic immune system 3 1 0
Methods of preventing or treating upper/lower gastrointestinal health issues (IBS, gas, bloating, etc) 2 0 0
Technologies that help control the proliferation of “bad” bacteria 1 0 0
Technologies that offer anti-inflammatory properties 2 0 0
Methods of sustaining the balance of potentially harmful and helpful bacteria in the microflora of the colon 2 1 1
Technologies that enhance the adherence of materials to mucosal tissues to drive various benefits including heartburn and cough 2 0 0
Methods to identify the specific health benefits of prebiotics, probiotics, fibers and synergistic formulas or combinations of these 1 0 0
Methods for measuring vitamin/mineral/nutrient levels in the body and their effects 2 0 0
Methods (non-invasive) for detecting and/or diagnosing GI conditions e.g., lactose intolerance, gluten allergy, acid reflux 2 0 0
Methods (non-invasive) for detecting signs of health/wellness 2 0 0
Screening methods for fibers and their effectiveness in controlling digestive disorders 1 0 0