At event structured opportunities for SBIR awardee presentation(s).

Please be sure to pay particular attention to Getting Down to Business Segment discussed here.  For many  involved, this may well be new type of opportunity

On-site activity at any ASSETs event - but particularly targeted inknowvation@work - is designed to maximize opportunity for informed and effective interaction between participating SBIR awardees and those from the large corporation involved in their role as Tech Seekers. Provision by awardees of various developed materials for Tech Seeker review pre-event will have laid down elements of groundwork re. what small firm brings to the table.  At event, focus is on providing a range of opportunity for small firms to built out from that basic underpinnings, to broaden discussion to address more directly re. how their relevant skills may be applicable to defined Tech Seeker objectives.
Objective: substantive discussion re. the potential for useful working relationship.

Plenary Session Nutshell presentations
About this What do I need to have ready and when?
Scheduled in THREE groups of 6-8 awardees each over period of inknowvation@work event, these 5-6 minute Plenary Session Presentation slots are intended visually
(1) to synopsize the business condition a of each participating small firm as set out in more detail pre-event as part of the Nutshell document and
(2) more particularly to focus attention on the relevant experience,  technical competencies and expertise they bring to the table.

  • Presenters are provided pre-event opportunity to select their timeslot
  • All submitted Nutshells from presenting firms will be in the Event USB drive included in the Event package
  • NOTE: all presentations are audiotaped. Post-event, along with accompanying ppt, these available for download from the event site by authorized P&G personnel.
Presentation slot selection:  Once notified of their invitation to be event involved, all SBIR firms are able on event website to choose their presentation slot.  Managed much like airplane seat selection - first come, first served - process handled online from each firm' s My Work Area.   Where a firm brings competencies relevant to more than one listed area of interest, principals may request a second slot - but that second slot will be at the end of the third group.   Timing allocation for each presentation strictly enforced.

Copy of ppt:  Each presenter must provide to the relevant event personnel a copy of their ppt for pre-session upload onto the session's Master Computer.  Very conscious of the fact that, as they hear from Tech Seeker personnel on site,  many awardees may feel the need to tweak their presentation right up to the last minute to make what they say most directly responsive.  To accommodate to that, we request that all presenters deliver their piece for upload ASAP but not later than TWO hours prior to start of the relevant presentation session.
Poster session(s):

be aware that P&G personnel are also being permitted/ encouraged also to have Poster Exhibits addressing their own research interests
About this What do I need to have ready and when?
Combining text and graphics to attract attention and/or to make for a visually pleasing presentation, Posters can be a useful and effective way in a small space to promote what you're about.  At this type of small-scale and targeted event, value of Poster lies in enabling what could be very useful discussion between the offerer and interested parties.  Full Poster Exhibit will run coincident with Evening Reception on first day and will include Posters from P&G personnel as well as SBIR participating firms.
Private viewing by senior P&G personnel:  Special request by P&G players with primary decision-making responsibility in each divisio - Digestive Wellness,  Respiratory and Swiss Precision Diagnostics - that after Nutshell presentations they get privately to review Posters of firms from whom they have just heard.
Set-up of posters can begin on arrival at the event site and all posters will remain in place for the duration.
     Private viewing period:  The SBIR awardees involved will be expected to make themselves available at their posters for this review.  Event staff will have moved the particular Posters to the appropriate location and will return them to the main Poster Exhibit area when the group go into Breakout session .
     Useful how-to materials: Size requirements with suggestions for format,  layout and content are available on event website.  Note we are set-up to accommodate to those firms opting to bring pre-made, small foot-print, pop-up versions of Posters.  Since these tend to be generic, please be advised to have onhand various other marketing materials re. specific projects
Getting down to Business:

for many, a new - but useful - aspect of inknowvation@work sessions
About this What do I need to have ready and when?
ONE hour of event time to be used by each participant SBIR awardee in a manner they choose and entirely control.
SBIR awardees vary significantly in what they bring to this occasion and, while the process of presentation, posters, breakouts along with lots formal and informal interaction that the structure of this event makes possible, another element that was more directly under the control of the small firm seemed necessary. Therefore, this additional element has been added to the formal agenda. Experience shows that the small firms involved can be very creative in making the most of this period.
To get the process started re. deciding how to use your ONE-Hour time allocation, examples of what firms have done is indicated in the 'What do I need to have ready and when?'
Once invitation is confirmed, from among the TWO groups of time offered, each firm will select online the ONE block of time over which they plan to do their custom-designed thing. Each firm may have only ONE such slot. Examples of the types of ways small firms have previously used this time:

  • Simply use the time for one-one appointments - though sometimes with time slots of different duration.  P&G personnel will have been able to indicate their interest in one-on-ones so the time-holder can judge the extentof interest and alocation their time accordingly
  • Group working session - essentially small firm equivalent of Tech Seeker informa- tional breakout following Plenary session presentation of previous day.  Focus and discussion generally follow direction implied by participant questions and comments
  • As appropriate, some form of Product(s) Demonstration - live or on-video
  • Extended/teased out version of Nutshell offered earlier with built-in Q/A session
  • ...a combination of some/all of the above