Which SBIRs are on the list?

Ask yourself....
Would a Novartis connection be useful to you?
Are one/more of your competitors listed below as among those already interested in involvement?

The following represent a cross-section of appropriately qualified SBIR firms having already responded to the opportunity to meet on Sept 21-22 with senior Novartis decision-making personnel.  These SBIR awardees are all actively working on the site on the Nutshells and White Papers which are the basis of the decision(s) re. who gets to present at that event.

Be reminded that - as is always the case on these occasions - the host Tech Seeker have the final decision re. whom they will host at this inknowvation@work® event. 

As a corporation, Novartis has a significant SBIR presence though not, we suspect, because of that SBIR connection.  External outreach personnel with the corporation have been involved in several ASSETs Forums and found that useful.  However, this is their first swing at meeting lots of you who are working in space that is of specific interest to them. 

Last day to apply for Event Consideration:
August 24 is officially the last day to submit materials that will be the basis of deciison to invite SBIR firms of interest. It may seem that gives you lots of time ... but please do be reminded that things always take longer this time of the year.   if you leave it too late to make your interest in event participation known, there may be very few slots left. We will be at capacity with THIRTY presenting SBIR firms.

  • White Papers etc are already being submitted
  • and decisions are being made on a rolling basis

SBIR awardees currently seeking slots at
  In business for forty years, this somewhat larger Oregon based firm with considerable membrane-based capabilities engaged across a range of industry application, was among earliest SBIR awardees and, though not recently in receipt of award, would still rank among the 50 most actively SBIR-involved . Ranks among most effective in transferring their developed technologies to use-condition - usually through partnering with leading large players in particular industry segments.  Firm now specializes in novel pharmaceutical-delivery technologies
  Kansas based small firm working on technology controlled-release delivery solutions grounded in controlling particles -- size, morphology and porosity.
  Seven-year old Texas-based firm focused to development ofn ew polymeric materials for burns and wound care treatment
  Headed up by principals with long-time SBIR experience and achievement, this New York State based firm offers complementary instrumention for electroanalysis and electrosynthesis
  Missouri based firm working on wound healing and anti-fibrotic agents based on TGF-β receptor antagonist technology.
  Pennsylvania based firm has proprietary knowledge of inflammasome signaling scaffold. Using that as platform for elucidating new drugable targets and drug-like molecules with applications to variety of disease pathologies. Also evaluating a nano-particle formulation for use both as a vaccine adjuvant and as an intranasal and respiratory delivery system for one of firm's lead drug candidates.
  A young, recently established firm out of North Carolina designing derivatives of MCR antagonists that suppress acute and chronic cardiovascular side-effects
  Young but quite rapidly growing small firm out of Pennsylvania with an already creditable SBIR track record,  Smart materials technology focus - piezoelectric, electromagnetic, shape memory or magnetostrictive - with primarily medical device application
  Long-time extensively SBIR-involved, Massachusetts firm with sophisticated capabilities in instrumentation development for chemical, optical and space sciences.  Expertise and experience in aeromechanics, electrochemistry, optical, material science, combustion, environmental, laser and medical technologies
  Long-time established, Alabama based firm with extensive SBIR involvement. Range of research and engineering capabilities in aerospace and defense, biomedical and life sciences, energy and materials technologies sectors.
  Minnesota based small firm providing advanced performance drug eluting coatings for medical devices.  Firm also works on nanoscale drug material formulations and nano-encapsulated drug formulation for controlled release and/or organ targeting
  Young Connecticut based firm working on wireless, medical needle implantable sensors to monitor glucose, disease, heart
  Young New Hampshire based firm with highly experienced personnel in the business of web-based patient clinician data, surveys, tools