What do I need to have ready and when?

Job ONE:  Check off ALL those items highlighted in GREEN and printed in ITALICS

To ensure that we have all the information and all materials needed to have this rather complex event go smoothly for all, please note
  • the various parts of the event in which you will be participant
  • what (and when) you will need to have for each of those elements
  • AND when WE need the relevant materials in hand so that they can be in the Event package

 Action Items  Deadline  Status Proceed
Who will represent the firm:
It is strongly recommended that you attend the full duration of the event.
If you plan to miss any part - attend only one day or need to duck out for a short period, you must let us know in advance.
Confirmation of Invitation acceptance
ASAP Confirm
Identify who will represent the firm - to include any persons additional to the original contact that was made
 Not later than
September 16, 2011

Nutshell Presentation FIVE-minute plenary session presentation slot
We are aware that many often like the option of being able to tweak their ppt presentation right up to the last minute.  At an event like this, for example, you may change the thrust of your remarks in response to something you have learned from a Tech Seeker's comments.  Therefore, for pre-session load onto a Master computer we provide you the option of
•    EITHER emailing your presentation to us in advance
•    AND/OR you may bring your (updated) presentation to the Event on a USB stick or equivalent
If you exercise the latter option, you MUST have provided event staff your presentation not less than TWO hours before the start of your Nutshell set.
Choose YOUR Presentation Slot

Relevant Materials This refers to those materials that are to be included either in Event Package and/or on Event USB stick(s)
Update Materials already on file
Not later than
September 14, 2011
ASAP Prepare
September 14, 2011 Prepare
Any new White Papers
Not later than
September 14, 2011
Other materials for inclusion on the Event USB stick? These may include Professional Papers, Marketing materials etc. Let us know ASAP if you intend to do that

Poster Exhibits (or equivalent) Click here for more information
Immediately AFTER every set of Nutshells all those involved will retire to a different room to stand by their Posters.  Interested Novartis personnel will meet them there.  Additionally, all the Posters will be on view and accessible over the full period of the event.  For the purpose, all SBIR participants will be allocated a Poster-sized exhibit space to include, on a limited basis, flip charts which can be used to make your point.
      Each firm will be responsible for bringing their own Posters, any exhibit and support materials to and from the event site.  On a very limited basis and preferably on request, we will have on site various things you might need - thumb tacks, scotch tape etc
Poster confirmation
ASAP Confirm