Tech Interest Areas

Synopsis of areas of technical interest:

Each of Interest Areas indicated by Novartis Consumer Health (OTC) has its own page here with Topic titles, descriptions and, where available, any supplementary data.

Invitation for a particular SBIR-involved small firm to be Event Involved is a decision made by the Tech Seeker.  To ensure there is a good technical match between what you bring to the table and what is of interest to the Tech Seeker i.e. that you will be invited, you are actively encouraged 

  • To ask Clarifying Questions. There is commitment that response(s) will be forthcoming from an appropriately qualified person.  All Questions and Answers will be posted for viewing by all those with issued Site Access. 
Recommendation:  these pre-event questions should not be of the type that says - "We have this and such.  Are you interested?"  Much better are questions which solicit useful context re. what they're looking for - information which enables you most appropriately to position your input.  For example: functional characteristics that are of importance? what they have already tried; particular stage of development?  what is not of interest etc 
  • To prepare White Papers - specific OR general as relevant to the particular Topic(s).  Prepared to a common form and format in your Private Work Area, when completed these will be forwarded to the appropriate Tech Seeker personnel.
For those unfamiliar with the White Paper concept as a Technical communications document, we suggest you read the White Paper discussion piece.
  • To help ensure that your full story can be told.  Be aware that, based on the expansive business and technical data we have on file on the firm in the proprietary databases, we always prepare a detailed Business profile on relevant SBIR awardee(s) for any interested Tech Seeker.  This formally prepared document addresses extent and form of SBIR participation, business condition, IP position etc. 
NOTE:  You will always be provided a full copy of that document before it is delivered.  This pre-submission review is to enable you to update, correct, enhance, modify etc.  This is always a no-cost service.
Nutshell Capability Statement:
A component part of the inknowvation@work® system is that every selected SBIR awardee invited tobe event participant will have a FIVE minute at-event plenary session presentation slot.  That formal presentation is supported by the pre-event development of a Nutshell Statement. 
       To a common form and format, this is a self-prepared document focused primarily to overviewing the business condition of the firm  Usually a two-three page document, this addresses background to the firm and principals; technology and industry focus; IP condition; types of in-place working relationships and those sought.  
       A Nutshell Account - of which the Statement is a part - is usually a one-year, inexpensive component of the ASSET system ($295.00).  For inknowvation@work®, Nutshell status is provided at no-cost but is client and event specific and time-constrained. For the period of the event and the few weeks following, the data will remain in the ASSET system for other Tech Seeker review but will be subsequently removed.