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Business profile
All those who Site Register in timely manner will receive a full copy of the Business Profile developed by Innovation Development Institute personnel based on data about the firm maintained in our proprietary SBIR-STTR databases.
     Copies of these Business Profiles are routinely provided to interested Tech Seekers and on this occasion will be made available to revelant Company personnel as companion pieces to any White Papers you may prepare in support of your application for event participation consideration.
     You are encouraged PROMPTLY to review the content of the Working Business Profile we provide --- and to take advantage of the opportunity to flag factual errors and/or omissions, and to make any additions or revisions you deem appropriate most effectively to present the firm in the best light.

Suggested formats:
What is a Nutshell?
A Nutshell is a brief two-three page piece -prepared to a common form and format - providing a preliminary but useful overview of the various elements (technical and business related) that you bring to the table.  Unlike a White Paper - which is about the technology relevant to a particular Topic offering -  a Nutshell is much more about the firm itself. 
     In normal circumstances, a Nutshell Account is a ONE-YEAR commitment costing $295. With various other attached privileges, the piece is made available to relevant Tech Seekers over that period.  Nutshells have
proven to be an inexpensive and effective door-opener for many SBIR-involved firms ofetn with the contact being at the Tech Seeker's initiative through our system. 
    Though the same document format is being used here, for this event a Nutshell submission is available FREE.  The piece - which you craft within the format provided - will be provided ONLY to Company to support your application for site-visit invitation. Unless you opt to upgrade to full status, all no-cost Nutshells will be removed from the system on conclusion of the event.
This site, and the inknowvation@work® event it is structured to support, is designed to enable useful pre-event information exchange and effective interaction between qualified SBIR-STTR involved firms and relevant Company authorized personnel. To protect the proprietary nature of that interaction and of some of the data here, full use of this Event site requires Site Registration.
     Being Site Registered is a necessary precursor to Event Registration if/when the firm is formally invited to participate.

IMPORTANT: Registration here

  • Is merely indication that you are interested in knowing more, potentially may be submitting materials etc. In other words, site registration in no way commits you to follow-up of any kind
  • Does NOT constitute event registration. All SBIR-STTR awardees present at inknowvation@work® on September 21-22 will have been selected by Novartis OTC from among those submitting materials and/or those whom we recommend as a particularly good match.

It is anticipated that invitation will be extended to some THIRTY (30) firms. If the quality is high that number may be increased slightly but we simply do not have time in the schedule to accommodate any more than that. 
To include all Novartis personnel - we expect at least 15-20 of their people - many coming in the Corporation Headquarters in Switzerland, the entire event will engage no more than 60-70 persons provide you extensive time for scheduled and informal personal interaction.

Worth your time if the match is good:
Similar events in the inknowvation@work® series have resulted in
  • post-event interaction for more than half the participating SBIR awardees.
  • and a deal and transaction rate of between 30-5%
The process really works for all parties to the transactions.

What do you need to do?
Get started on providing us - and Novartis - the information needed to support that invitation decision.  Site Registration also

  • Creates your Private Work Area in the system
  • Permits review of Technical Topics and related data
  • Enables submission of clarifying Q/A.  Site allows all interested parties to view all Questions (without attribution) and Answers provided by Tech Seeker
  • Has space for you to prepare and upload your Business Prologue
  • Supports preparation of White Papers
  • Allows for preparation of the alll-important Nutshells
  • plus allows you to upload of other related materials.
All this is readily addressed by completing the Site Registration Form.

Incurred costs related to Event Participation:
  • Site Registration and Event participation - if selected - are all NO-COST transactions.
  • Travel costs: Selected SBIR-STTR involved firms will, however, be expected to cover all incurred travel and accommodation costs. To enable early arrangement of these, selected firms will be notified of their formal invitation to participate several weeks in advance.
Event organizers reserve to right to refuse site usage and/or event involvement.