My Private Work Area

For every ASSETs related event and online activity all those interested and involved are provided a Private Work Area, resident on our secured servers. Here you may 

Pre-Event: application process
  • Store any and all materials related to this particular endeavor.  Those with an Office will see Synopsis Table below
  • Prepare your Business Prologue - the one page or less Pique Tech Seeker interest piece
  • See all Questions you may have posted to any Tech Seeker or Topic and any/all Responses they generate
  • Work on White Papers relevant to particular TOPs -- Technology Opportunity Projects.  With clear indication of where you are in the document development process, the piece will remain in work-mode here until you indicate it is finished and can be delivered to the intended source
  • Prepare to a common form and format the very useful Nutshell document - your full Technical and Business Capability Statement
If selected, here you wil be able to complete Event Participation data
  • Snag your Plenary session Presentation Slot along with the very-important Post-Presentation private meeting with interested Tech Seeker personnel
  • Get your Poster or equivalent booked in
  • List those persons whom you plan to have in attendance representing the firm
Be completely assured that this area is entirely secure - not accessible even to the System Administrator.