My Business Prologue

Business prologue: This is a very brief piece - prepared early in the application process and often less than 500 words - having elements of the an Elevator Pitch you are often encouraged to have crafted when you are raising money.  A write a piece, the Business Prologue is much like the abstract of any proposal you might submit to and SBIR agency - offer the compelling reason(s) for why the Tech Seeker in question would likely want to meet with, and talk to you.  With the organizing theme always being that they are the CUSTOMER who are buying solutions to THEIR problems, in effect this is that piece which piques their interest by your connecting the dots
  • between what you bring to the table – capabilities, competencies, background, experience etc
  • and how those those are relevant to the Areas of (Problem) Interest they have indicated.
This piece is particularly important where the relevance of what you are about to the problems they are tackling may not be immediately obvious. Examples: You are bringing technology from one application to one that is completely different - military to medical;  your business focus is longer term but what you have right now could be useful to address a much nearer term concern; something you have and something they have together could make something that neither of you could do alone.

Fundamental advice:  Don't leave to them the task of divining how what you have could be useful to them doing their job.  Tell them - enough to make sure that they will want to meet you and have that conversation in greater depth.

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Business Prologue