Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc
Business Identifier: Instruments for the detection, usage or measurement of radiation, light, magnetism or sound
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Radiation Montoring Devices Inc, acquired by Dynasil Corporation of America in 2008, was founded to pursue the development of cadmium telluride (CdTe) radiation detectors. RMD is comprised of two business entities, one that performs research under government contracts while the other manufactures and sells photonics related instruments and components. The core technology on which the company was founded is the CdTe detector, which still remains a significant part of the firm's commercial operation. RMD developed and commercialized a Lead Paint Analyzer, called The Inspector, which employs a CdTe detector to make onsite determinations. RMD also is an OEM supplier of a surgical probe system, The Navigator, which allows physicians to locate radiolabeled cancerous tissue during surgery. In its current research activities, RMD maintains multiple programs focused on semiconductor detector materials, scintillator screens, Si avalanche photodiodes (APDs) and nuclear instrumentation. Other products include hand-held x-ray fluorescence analyzers for lead paint and RoHS compliance; medical probes for cancer surgery that can dramatically reduce the number of lymph nodes removed for biopsy; a camera that integrates a visual picture with radioactive material detection for Homeland Security and nuclear waste cleanup applications; avalanche photodiodes for applications including medical imaging; and very high performance scintilator imaging screens for digital radiography.

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