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Acumen, LLC was established by scholars from Stanford University to improve the information provided to policymakers who design and revise welfare, health, education, labor, and business programs at the national, state, and local levels. In conjunction with its affiliated nonprofit firm, the SPHERE Institute, Acumen offers practitioners a powerful policy analysis capability, providing specific, impartial advice and context for policy debates. To supplement internal sources of information, the firm's team has created and utilized all forms of administrative and survey data to produce outcomes relevant for both service providers and funding organizations. Acumen members have experience conveying information and research findings to broad audiences of policymakers, program operators, and other stakeholders. With these interrelated goals and expertise, Acumen, LLC serves the interests of the public, government, business and the research community.

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Remote-Access Data Enclave For Analysis Of Hrs/Psid Linked To Administrative Heal
Expanding Healthcare Research Capacities Through The Integration Of Medicaid And
Enhancing Confidentiality Of Research Files Based On Medicare Data
Creating Research Files From Cms Data For Integration With Survey Data
Creating Medicare and Medicaid Research Files to Augment Census Survey Data