Zikon Inc
Business Identifier: low-cost nanotechnology-based electronic Ink for flat panel displays.
Public Profile:
Zikon Inc was established to further explore electrophoretic display research following the disbandment of Exxon’s EPID flexible display unit. Shortly after the company was incorporated it was granted a broad US patent, covering both REED Ink and its use in finished display units. The company has positioned its products around this patent, and currently awaits approval on several other patents that have recently been filed. Zikon currently is able to offer a working prototype, produced with limited resources. The prototype’s proprietary technology is driven by the properties of self-assembled nano-droplets dispersed in a non-polar and non-conductive liquid. The prototype developed is comparable to those created by competing hundred-million-dollar companies using much less effective technologies but ready access to facilities, capital, and personnel. Today’s competing electrophoretic technologies require exorbitant amounts of energy to function properly and are unable to effectively support video-speed displays. Furthermore, they are not compatible with the existing LCD manufacturing technology.

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